Magical Mommy Moments

Mom is Where the Magic Begins

Our mission is to create a Magical Moment for single mothers, experiencing hardships by radiating love and compassion for single mothers unique circumstances.

“A mother is one who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take”

Cardinal Mermillod

Hello My name is Rayla. Known to many by Raydiant Ray on social media. I’m the founder of Magical Mommy Moments Incorporated. A Non-Profit organization with an unforgettable sponsorship program. What inspired me to start this Organization was that the one thing I wished so badly while I was pregnant was to have a baby shower. But due to lack of finances and minimal support I never experienced that feeling. When I got pregnant I was not in the ideal financial situation to raise a child. But HEY! life happens right? Although I’m a mother of 3 I never had one and somewhere along the way i just lost hope that I ever would. So because I know that pain I used it to pursue my passion not to only have one, two or three baby showers but to have Thousands of them. So I’m giving a mother what I never had. That is the mission of M3 to create that once in a lifetime Magical moment for a brave and worthy mommy.


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