Grow Smarter

Grow Smarter is an inclusive, multi-sector initiative to create equitable economic growth in St. Petersburg.

Grow Smarter is an initiative that brings together 90+ organizations working in a number of areas for cross-sector collaboration with key stakeholders and members of the business community. The initiative is based on the Grow Smarter Strategy, a comprehensive, integrated, data-driven community plan to enhance St. Petersburg’s competitive position and provide quality, diverse economic growth.

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Grow Smarter has a focus on equity, with the understanding that the vibrancy of the entire community is determined by the wellbeing of all individuals. Grow Smarter addresses specific topical areas through workgroups made up of representatives from community organizations, businesses, and individuals. These workgroups collaborate to contribute to the positive and progressive growth of St. Petersburg and include Culture & Community, District & Corridor Development, Coordinated Education & Training, Entrepreneurial Growth, Targeted Job Creation, Awareness Building, and Housing workgroups.

Grow Smarter brings the work of individual organizations out of silos and supports the alignment of community resources to improve the wealth of everyone living in St. Pete.


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